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OBServatory. International Observatory on Online Higher Education in Management

Torras, E. & Roura, D. (2017). OBServatory. International Observatory on Online Higher Education in ManagementProceedings of 26th EDEN 2017 annual conference, 13th-17th June, Jönköping, Sweden, 2017.

In the framework of the 26th EDEN 2017 Annual Conference OBServatory research center website was presented. The Synergy Sessions at the conference allowed sharing the essential aspects of the communication project. These aspects are as follows:


- Subdomain: observatory.obs-edu.com

- Microsite with own FTP access:

·         IP

·         DIR: /var/www/observatory.obs-edu.com

Runtime: 02/2017 – 12/2020

Supported / co-funded by: OBS Business School

Project representative to be contacted for further info: Prof. Eulalia Torras (eulalia.torras@onlinebschool.com)

Web design:

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Home- OBServatory is an initiative of the OBS Business School. This community aims to share professional experience in online higher education in order to create a space for dialogue and exchange and collaborative research that allows for a broad view of online higher education in management, the main tendencies of the future and the challenges to be faced. In view of this, the OBServatory fulfills its annual commitment to publish and share some of the most relevant information resulting from the research and the debate promoted through the network. Research provided a communication tool to foster dialogue between institutions, professionals, providers and students who are affected by the decisions of online higher educational institutions.

Publication and presentations- OBServatory publishes annual reports with results on online learning processes obtained with members' collaboration. These reports are accessible in this section. 

Research- The members academic production has its visualization in this space.

Members-  The list of collaborators is included in the previous section.

Glossary-  Online space to submit questionnaires and discuss trends in higher education in management.  

References- OBServatory collaborates with academic publications such as editors and reviewers. 

NewsPeriodically news about participation in conferences, collaborations and outstanding publications are include.


Torras, E. & Roura, D. (2017). OBServatory. International Observatory on Online Higher Education in Management. Proceedings of 26th EDEN 2017 Annual Conference, 13th-15th June, , Jönköping, Sweden, 2017.

OBServatory. International Observatory on Online Higher Education in Management

Eulalia Torras, OBServatory, OBS Business School, Barcelona (Spain) David Roura, OBS Business School, Barcelona (Spain)

24 July 2017