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Report 2017

This third OBServatory report fulfills its annual commitment to publish and share some of the most relevant information resulting from the research and the debate promoted through the network. The report is provided as a communication tool to foster dialogue between institutions, professionals, providers and students, among many other key players who are affected by the decisions of online higher education institutions.

Collaboration with OBServatory members has led to the identification of the need to highlight and share best practices in online teaching-learning institutions in management. The challenges that arise in these organizations are constant; the increase in the demand for online education brings this educational modality to the teaching of large groups, but at the same time we have identified a growing demand for customization and adaptation of the process to individual needs. This circumstance is highly demanding for these organizations so sharing successful experiences and proposals is established as a priority. Consequently, the objective of this research is:

Analyze teaching and learning experiences in online higher education in management that are based on theoretical frameworks of education sciences and have published empirical evidences.


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