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Podcast for improving instructional design: add greater value

03 January 2018

One of the functions of the teacher is the instructional design, that is, the preparation and development of an instructional environment and clear and attractive materials that help the student to develop the ability to build competencies and reach the objectives in a subject.

The instructional design should be based on the training needs and the program of the course, but at the same time, produce content and materials that will be implemented and evaluated in the online classroom. Instructional design is art. Being able to develop instructional and material that are environments rigorously theoretical and methodologically and, at the same time attractive, is a challenge for higher education institutions in online management.

Podcast offers possibilities for the presentation of information that can be reproduced at any time (during public transport journeys, during waits, etc.) Beyond the popular Spotify, podcast facilitates access to information containing the nuances of nonverbal communication such as intonation, reaffirmation or the use of silences.

LMS platforms, such as Blackboard, offer the option of sending audio materials in such a way that it is only necessary to make use of the resource and material space by selecting the file in the most common audio formats and include a transcription for people with hearing difficulties. Several free open source resources offer the possibility of creating Podcast collections for students. These collections can be made available to students simply by sending the link. Some of the tools that facilitate the use of podcasts for teachers are:

Huffduffer allows you to create an online podcast collection so that students can access the website created by the teacher or subscribe to it. To create a web page with the podcast collection it is only necessary to create a profile with a user and a password. This easy to manage page allows the incorporation of audio files that contain interviews linked to the contents of the subject, conferences, media interventions, etc. It is only necessary to send the audio file and a brief description.

Podbean is a digital resource for podcast collections that complements the previous one. This resource has stored collections in management, culture and society and organizations that can provide audio records for teachers. It allows you to create your own podcast collections but we suggest using them to locate audio records close to the content of the subjects.

YAKiToMe converts texts into words in a large number of languages. It is considered the best voice text converter. In Spanish it can be used for free. To use it, it is only necessary to copy the text, select the language and click the record button. The voice of the system reads the text so that it can be downloaded in .mp3 YAKiToMe is a commercial resource. The alternative of open resource, therefore, without cost, is VozMe although the quality of the register is lower.

Podcasts for iOS allows you to select by categories, for example, companies, keeping the record library updated so that the user can subscribe. For example, It Is Not Your Business, which includes the creation of a live startup is one of the most valued collections in management and marketing. Apple Podcasts has a design that facilitates navigation, allows automatic updates and presents an option to listen without connection. The teacher can download the Podcast to send it to the classroom. Podcast Addict is an option available for Android.