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Eulalia Torras and David Roura at the 26th EDEN, Sweden

30 June 2017

Eulalia Torras and David Roura of OBS Business School have attended the 26th EDEN annual conference held on 13 to 16 June in Jönköping, Sweden.

The EDEN conference is one of the online education congresses that has been celebrated for more years. The conference aim has been to address the responsibility of the academic community, including the proper management of diversity in education with respect to profiles of students, generations, cultures with different languages, literacy and forms of communication, As well as diversity in the media and technology-enhanced learning environments.

The OBServatory contribution to the conference has focused on sharing the research experience. Eulàlia Torras and David Roura have exposed this two-year-old initiative and have culminated in the completion of four research projects and the development of a community of 166 members from 145 international institutions.