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Report OBServatory 2018

26 September 2018

This year the meeting will be centered around the topic of Learning Analytics. This year's report focuses on Learning Analytics, a trend that is rapidly emerging. Learning Analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and dissemination of data about students and their contexts in order to understand and optimize learning and the environment in which it occurs.

Learning Analytics allows the joint analysis of data from online higher education institutions in management that illustrates diverse but related dimensions, provides criteria and models of action both from the point of view of management and the point of view of the process of teaching-learning.

Organizations are beginning to deploy sophisticated analytical techniques to evaluate sources of rich data, identify patterns within data and exploit these patterns in decision making.

Learning Analytics is far from being a consolidated trend, therefore researching how to implement this method is a challenge for many of the higher education institutions in management. For example, having metrics to guide your application is emerging as a fundamental aspect.

Specification of metrics is not an easy task since it requires taking into consideration the different perspectives that coexist in a higher education institution online in management. The current research that OBServatory has developed proposes the development of metrics in five perspectives:

  • Perspective 1: instructional design
  • Perspective 2: technological presence
  • Perspective 3: intrapsychological / cognitive dimension
  • Perspective 4: interpsychological / social dimension
  • Perspective 5: institution management