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Indexed Literature Review: Intercultural Approach to the Online Teaching and Learning

Torras, E. & Bellot, A. (2016). Indexed Literature Review: Intercultural Approach to the Online Teaching and Learning. Social Sciences. Special Issue: Re-Imagine Education for Social Improvement, 5(6-1), pp. 42-49. doi: 10.11648/j.ss.s.2016050601.16


Attention to cultural diversity is a necessity at online higher education in management (2004) postulated a framework for conceptualizing dimensions of intercultural competence in its development model of intercultural sensitivity. Complementary, Intercultural Learning Model (Beamer, 2016) emphasizes the importance that students are able to encode and decode the differences in messages emitted by people of different cultures. In addition, higher education institutions should attend perceived cultural distance emerges as an outstanding concept related to the management of interculturality by the management of institutions. The aim of this research is develop a systematic indexed literature review at the field of intercultural approach to the online teaching and learning at management. Systematic literature review described by Fink (2005) is the methodology used. It consist on identifying, evaluating, synthesizing, interpreting and analyzing research literature. This review is based on Business Source Complete (EBSCO) that offers papers from 1936 to 2016 with 1,232 documents; Web of Science, from 1995 to 2016 with 207 documents and Scielo, from 1999 to 2016 with 358 documents. The content analysis applied shows that 74% of the papers' fragments can be categorizes as integration. Therefore, the papers articles avoid the importance of achieving integration at the online teaching-learning processes in management.

Keywords: Teaching and Learning Processes, Online, Education, Management, Intercultural 

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