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Expanded School: Cultural Convergence and Teacher’s Online Education

Coelho, C. & de Souza, A. L. (2016). Expanded School: Cultural Convergence and Teacher’s Online Education. Social Sciences. Special Issue: Re-Imagine Education for Social Improvement, 5(6-1), pp. 35-41. doi: 10.11648/j.ss.s.2016050601.15


The presented work invites the reader to engage with the proposed Expanded School, deterritorialized from time and space of higher education institutions. The experience of the teacher training in the course "Methodology to quality in online learning" with the participation of five universities (one in North America, two in Latin America, and two in Europe) will be reported and analyzed in order to gather and understand the difficulties and advances in reference to teaching practice in online education and then propose new education systems and assess the quality of interaction in respect to online learning. The context of education in transition from industrial and post-industrial society and an online education proposal allowing the school expansion to have experiences that go beyond their territory delimited by the classroom and walls will be presented. By the school expansion to the Web 2.0, the virtual learning spaces potentiate also new pathways that lead teachers and students to review how learning occurs in cyberculture.

Keywords: Expanded School, Online Teacher Education, Collaborative Spaces for Education 

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