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OBServatory publishes the Third Report on Online Higher Education in Management

28 September 2017

An online teaching-learning  systematic review, as well as international collaboration projects, has been proposed for OBServatory members such as deans, managers, teachers and researchers. Two key challenges for online higher education in management has been identified:

  • Develop techno-pedagogical models to guide the online teaching-learning processes of large groups of students.
  • To meet the growing demand for adaptation and customization of teaching-learning processes to guarantee quality beyond borders.

To this purpose, teaching and learning experiences that are based on educational sciences theoretical frameworks have published and empirical evidences have been analyzed.

The research developed has identified 21 technological trends that the 65 professionals of higher education in management consider more relevant to be used in the next years. Research has also been carried out in which 105 online higher education teachers have collaborated.

Among the pedagogical trends are those that allow students to participate and become involved in meaningful learning. In order for a learning to be meaningful, two conditions must be satisfied: that the contents are coherent from a logical and psychological point of view and that the students show a favorable disposition. The favorable attitude is closely related to the functionality of learning, that is, that students see it possible to use that learning when the situation requires it.

The task of identifying and synthesizing such pedagogical practices and trends is a priority for OBServatory which in the coming years will maintain this line of research to provide institutions with good practices and inspiring models to be used. The use of these good practices often requires the identification of tight technical-pedagogical designs and educational science models that allow for the full development of the proposal.